Oracle Open World 2010, and Oracle Fusion Applications!

After a long time of silence, I figured out that this blog should be continued as Oracle Open World started, with more news about Oracle Fusion and Cloud Computing.

Oracle Open World 2010

Here is a summary of what has been said so far:

1. Oracle Exalogic

Larry Ellison showed the most recent hardware machine combining the force of both Oracle software and (now Oracle) Sun hardware. The machine is specifically designed to host applications and function as a private cloud.

Because the ExaLogic ‘elastic cloud’ machine is build upon Oracle’s virtualization software, it combines the possibilities for creating your own cloud computing instance, within your firewall.

ExaLogic offers the possibility to upgrade or patch all running virtual machines on it with one single file, which brings a lot of question only time can answer it!

The new ExaLogic, beside being pretty impressive machine, really has the potential of bringing the cloud to the enterprise, the key to all this is Virtualization. Most enterprises probably don’t want their data in ‘unknown’ data centers. But they do want the flexibility offered by the cloud. Off course other virtualization products offer that, but now Oracle has it all, in one package, Especially the combination of the hardware, the virtualization software and the Coherence software really (could) make it happen, and I always wondered how the Middle East minds will accept hosting their applications on a remote cloud, how can they accept the concept, but now they Don’t have to!  (Some parts quoted from

2. Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (EEK)

Oracle announced that it will distribute it’s own Linux kernel, Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, in addition to continuing a Red Hat-compatible offering. The upshot here is optimizing OS performance for the Exalogic Elastic Cloud server mentioned above. So now Oracle customers will be able to choose between Oracle-branded Red Hat and Oracle’s fork off the Red Hat kernel.

3. Oracle Fusion Applications

Boy now we are talking, now that Oracle established a robust Middleware (Oracle Fusion Middleware) they started creating applications on top of that, so that all it’s application including their SIEBEL, E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft to be based on Oracle Fusion Middleware and of course that offers a great integration capabilities with one Framework to Develop it All concept!

Ellison announced that the first release of Fusion Applications will generally available in the first quarter of 2011, with seven suites of 100 different products. Customers will be able to purchase individual products or a full suite. The lineup consists of Financials, Project Portfolio Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Customer Relationship Management, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), and Supply Chain Management (which includes the app getting my vote for the best acronym - Distributed Order Orchestration or “DOO”).

Here are some Photo:

Oracle Fusion Apps Oracle Fusion Apps
More photos can be found here

Stay tuned on this blog, soon there will be some articles about ECM, SOA, IDM, WebCenter and lots of ADF