@JDeveloper #Git Plugin

So I love git, and I Love GitHub and since I use them both, and I use JDeveloper I though of developing a plugin for JDeveloper to integrate with Git and GitHub eventually

Here is my Attempt of doing so:

I Introduce to you: JDeveloper Git Extension 1.0.0 Beta Version which works on JDeveloper JDeveloper (Will be working on migrating it to 11.1.2.x soon)

The project is divided into different phases:

Phase #1:  Cloning Git Repository into JDeveloper Project (Completed)

Phase #2:  Provide the Files Action and overlay (To push, pull, commit, checkout, add to ignore list and more ..)

Phase #3:  Provide an Integration with GitHub


So Far I’ve finished Phase #1

It’s simple, you simply choose a project > New > General > Projects > Clone Git Repository

And enter the URL of the Git Repository and the select the Project you want to Install the files to

Once you finish, you should recieve a Success Message telling you everything is Good for, a simple refresh to your project you can see all the new files exported from Git.

If you tried to clone to a project that has been already cloned an Error message will popup telling you, you shouldn’t do that!

Simple isn’t it…

Check out the Photos, and for any one who dares enough to try it download it from here

Comments and Feedback will be appreciated